The Dynamic AVF

Our solution, the “Dynamic AVF” (DAVF) enables a high blood flow path only when needed. The DAVF is a patented implantable device that addresses the root cause of the hemodialysis treatment complications: the continuous high blood flow. The innovative technology seamlessly connects the artery and vein only during dialysis, while keeping the AVF closed during the rest of the time and ensuring  normal blood circulation.

With the DAVF the blood flow can be controlled to an optimal value of 600 ml/min for hemodialysis or restore to normal during daily life. A 90% reduction in time that the high blood flow is present will minimize complications for the patient and help to improve their overall quality of life.

The Dynamic AVF in closed state will:

    • Restore normal blood circulation and remove turbulent flow, which in turn reduces stenosis formation and maintain access patency
    • Restore systemic vascular resistance, which decreases cardiac output and reduces heart failure
    • Decrease blood flow after dialysis session, which reduces compression time and risk of bleeding
    • Restore normal blood circulation, which reduces risk on steal syndrome
    • Decrease continuous presence of high flow, which reduces aneurysm

The Dynamic AVF is a very promising new type of vascular access that could result in a strong reduction of vascular access-related complications such as poor access patency, cardiac stress and steal syndrome.

Dirk Hentschel

Director of Interventional Nephrology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and Key Opinion Leader on vascular access for hemodialysis