XS Innovations

Revolutionizing hemodialysis treatment
and thereby improving quality of life for millions patients with chronic kidney disease

~3.8 m people suffered from end-stage kidney disease worldwide in 2020

Patients with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) require a lifesaving modality to replace kidney function and to prevent mortality from accumulated waste products. Due to kidney donor shortages, dialysis is often the only possible treatment: ~80% of ESKD patients are on dialysis.

The high-flow vascular access site required for dialysis frequently causes serious complications. XS Innovations has invented the solution to mitigate these complications and increases quality of life for ESKD patients.

The number of ESKD patients is increasing towards 5.4 m people in 20230. This increase is driven by increasing access to treatment, exposure to lifestyle risk factors and a growing proportion of elderly people worldwide. Creating a reliable and complication-free vascular access is a priority.

The Dynamic AVF opens the arteriovenous fistula to establish high blood flow for hemodialysis and closes the fistula to restore to normal blood circulation between sessions

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Improving patient quality of life

Avoiding continuous high flow dramatically reduces complications

Improved vascular access patency

Improved cardiac function

Decreased chances of steal syndrome

Decreased chances of aneurysms

Reduced compression time and bleeding risk

Safer and more comfortable dialysis